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Coastal Cleaning

Coastal Cleaning Coastal Cleanup is the result of a common objective, aims to create awareness and a greater sense of responsibility on the part of the actors of society, to prevent the impact of marine litter on the ecosystem and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

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For a Clean Sea

For a Clean Sea It is a volunteer project during the summer, removing garbage from the sea and doing outreach and awareness activities. During the school period lectures are given in teaching centers.

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Sea Brigade

Sea Brigade For 10 years we have decontaminated heavily polluted areas of marine litter, follow us at

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ONG Faro Limpio

ONG Faro Limpio Faro Limpio is an NGO that seeks to reduce the impact of waste on the beach and in the city in the town of Josà © Ignacio through management, education and participation with the community.

The removal in Higuerote

The removal in Higuerote Form a multiple people group in this group for removal of marine trash