Florida Emergency Trap and Debris Removal Plan – 2006

Develop an emergency trap retrieval and debris removal plan in the state of Florida. This facilitates the removal of trap debris and recovery of traps in the Florida Keys following hurricanes.

Project Abstract

Project was achieved through workshops  with local fisheries groups to utilize existing information on trap use, trap loss and its recovery, and trap debris removal.  The ultimate goal was  to build a consensus and create a cooperative program to reduce trap debris accumulation in the Florida Keys, retrieve lost traps, and facilitate the removal of existing trap debris.  The second phase of the project involved outreach to Fish and Wildlife Commission commissioners on the recommendations of the workshop, encouraging codification of these recommendations into rule.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

10/31/2006 to 3/26/2008

Status: Closed

Location: [Southeast], [Florida]

Latitude/Longitude: 24.753435, -81.347060