Hawaii Marine Debris Action Plan – 2008-2012

Develop and update the Hawaii Marine Debris Action Plan through collaborative meetings and workshops with marine debris partners across the state.

Project Abstract

The NOAA Marine Debris Program worked with Tetra Tech staff to prepare, implement, and evaluate three focus area workshops for development of the Hawaii Marine Debris Action Plan (HI-MDAP). These meetings and workshops built off of information from previous workshops, including the Hawaii Marine Debris Workshop in January 2008. The five focus areas included Research, Outreach, Land-based Debris Prevention, Beach Cleanup, and Reef (or In-water) Debris Removal.

Tetra Tech also coordinated a final HI-MDAP Workshop (October 2009; 27 participants) that: 1) Reviewed progress on developing a HI-MDAP; 2) Reviewed priority action projects completed, in progress, or planned since January 2008 workshop; 3) Began setting short-term and long-term, attainable goals for feasible priority action projects from the HI-MDAP; and 4) Recommited to continuing communication and coordination for the implementation of feasible priority action projects. Each meeting was held on Oahu, Hawaii. From all of these meetings and workshops, Tetra Tech prepared and worked with NOAA MDP on the 2010-2011 HI-MDAP, which was rolled out in a meeting on January 12, 2010. In April 2012, Tetra Tech, working with NOAA MDP, prepared, implemented, and evaluated a HI-MDAP update workshop to gather input and updates towards a 2012-2013 HI-MDAP. Tetra Tech prepared and worked with NOAA MDP on the 2012-2013 HI-MDAP, which was distributed to partners in December 2012.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

9/30/2008 to 12/31/2012

Status: Closed

Location: Pacific Islands, [Hawaii]

Latitude/Longitude: 23.977715, -166.254815