Contribution to the Global Partnership for Marine Litter

The applicant supports the GPML and agrees to contribute to one of the existing sponsored focal areas or volunteers to lead a new sponsored focal area (subject to approval by the steering committee).

The existing focal areas are as follows:

  • Reduced levels and impacts of land-based litter and solid waste introduced into the aquatic environment
  • Reduced levels and impacts of sea-based sources of marine debris including solid waste, lost cargo, ALDFG, and abandoned vessels introduced into the aquatic environment
  • Reduced levels and impacts of (accumulated) marine debris on shorelines, aquatic habitats, and biodiversity.

Please briefly outline why the applicant would like to participate in the GPML and what contribution it would make (for example, expertise or activities in the focal area indicated above).

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Type of Organization:*
Area of Expertise:
Programs and Projects related to Marine Litter:
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Second Contact Person:
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The applicant will contribute to the focus area of:
The applicant volunteers to lead a new focus area of:
I hereby apply for my institution to participate in the GPML. I certify that the above information is correct. With this signature, my institution agrees, in participating in the partnership, to align its objectives with those of the partnership.*
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