Post-Hurricane Rita Marine Debris Assessment & Marking in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana 2006

Identify and assess debris after Hurricane Rita within areas of Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana

Project Abstract

The project, coordinated by the NOAA Office of Coast Survey, used side-scan sonar, visual surveys and  reports from user groups to assess the quantity of debris deposited by Hurricane Rita in Calcasieu Lake, Louisiana. The project output included information as well as a linkage with a website established to report findings. The project works to engage user groups, volunteers and resource managers to travel by boat to retrieve small debris wherever possible and mark larger debris, collect and compile data on location and type of debris found and share findings with relevant audiences. This information was shared and coordinated with NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey and then posted on the Coast Pilot Disaster Impact Website.  A total of 99 objects were marked, logged and mapped, of which 68 were field-confirmed using ground-truth survey.  In part based on the results of these efforts, the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources committed $250,000 to contract for removal of debris within the areas mapped by the project.

6/1/2006 to 12/1/2007

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

Status: Closed

Location: [Gulf of Mexico], [Louisiana]

Latitude/Longitude: 29.951043, -93.322748