Socio-Economic Cost-Benefit study for Marine Debris Impacts and Abatement – 2007

Design and assembly of socio-economic model to estimate marine debris costs and benefits of prevention.

Project Abstract

A NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries office project to estimate and communicate the socio-economic costs of marine debris impacts, and quantify the benefit of marine debris impact abatement.  This 2007 project builds off of previously funded efforts to assemble a database on local, state and federal spending on marine debris cleanup programs.  The 2007 effort targeted using the information from that database to design a socio-economic model to estimate economic costs and benefits of debris prevention.  Building off of this data, the project’s goal was to implement a survey to obtain information to feed the model and identify additional data gaps.

NOAA Marine Debris Program Project

2/1/2007 to 9/30/2007

Status: Closed

Location: National, National

Latitude/Longitude: 38.991313, -77.029837